The Ultimate Guide For Riding with a Christian Biker Girl

Riding out is one of the greatest pleasures for single bikers to enjoy the freedom on the open road. But going for a ride with your Christian biker girl can make the trip a hundred times better. Have a motorcycle trip date a biker Christian babe can not only enhance the relationship between you two, but also allow you to spend more private time with a great mood. However, it is unnecessary to think it is a daunting task or to be nerve-wracking. Here is the ultimate two-up riding guide for you to prepare in advance.

Make your motorcycle comfortable for pillion
No matter what types of your bike is, it will certainly need a few adjustments before riding out with a pillion. First is to adjust the pre-load on your rear shocks. It is important to increase the pre-load because your shocks will be there to compensate for the extra weight on the back. If you ignore this adjustment, your biker lady may be thrown all the way and your steering will be affected too. Then you should consider that where your passenger holds on to the bike. Although most motorcycles have a handle, it is better to check it ours. Then you should fit one to your motorcycle before the riding. And you should remember that it can change everything with extra weight on motorcycles, such as the braking capabilities, handling abilities and acceleration.

Learn to change your riding style in advance
With the extra weight on the back, riders need to practice before to feel that change. The best way to get used to the change is to meet your Christian biker girl before in a quiet place with lots of space to practice. Bikers need to get to grips with manoeuvring, accelerating and braking. Just practice hard somewhere secluded to avoid getting into trouble on the road and remember the dos and don’ts when riding with a passenger.

When riding for a long time, hand signals are important for you and your Christian biker girl to communicate effectively. For example, a tap on the thigh means “I need you to pull over” or a squeeze on the arm means “Slow down” and so on. And when you are having a break, you can ask if they are comfortable being on the back or if they are happy with the journey with you.

Dress properly
In general, Christian motorcycle riders take their riding gear seriously. When your Christian biker babe agrees to ride with you, just prepare a set of proper clothes for her, like boots, gloves, a protective jacket and hardy trousers. Proper riding gear can protect you and your passenger from getting hurt when falling down.