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Safe riding with the mission of God

As a Christian biker, I know the truth that I must love and respect with other motorcycle riders. Although America may be a country filled with Christian motorcycle riders, it is also dangerous for them to ride on the city streets. There are lots of accidents happen to bikers every year. For Christian motorcyclists, riding in the city requires superior awareness, brains, an eye for potential hazards and good riding skills. However, even if you put all these components together, it is possible that accidents will occur as well. So, if you are riding alone or riding with your Christian biker girl, you have to be very careful and ride smartly on the streets to keep safe.

1. Make others see you
For most single Christian bikers, they may think it is cool to wear vintage black leather and denim when they are riding their gorgeous Harleys. But in order to make you visible among the oblivious driving masses, you have to wear bright colors, especially on your helmet and jacket. Besides, it is also important to make your motorcycle visible. Don’t ignore the significance of reflective items on you and your bikes, which may make the difference between life and death.

2. Scan and scan again
When you are riding on the city streets, don’t just look straight ahead. Keep your head on and scan the traffic around you – scan your mirrors, traffic behind you and your blind spots. Keep alert all the time and be aware things on your side.

3. Always look for ways to escape
Whether you are moving or stationary, just spend more time searching for ways out of trouble if trouble comes to you. Cause braking hard is bad for your bike and for your body. Motorcycles are not like cars or trucks, they can thread the needle even if there is no much room to get through. And finding an open patch of grass to stay safe can be a great solution for single motorcycle riders.

4. The dangerous left turn
Don’t be positive that the Harley riders in oncoming traffic with his left turn signal on sees you. They may even not see actual cars, let alone your slim motorcycle. So, if needed, use your horn to put the riders on alert and watch for hand movement on the steering wheel. Be prepared to swerve or brake if something happens.

5. Choose your line wisely
On highways and freeways where traffic is fast moving and there are multiple traffic lanes, it is especially important to choose the right lane. Keep ride to your left. Bikers and drives on the right are likely to make their exit. And when you are on the far left lane, you just need to watch out for the traffic conditions on your right side.

Is Dating a Christian Biker Man a Good Choice

Speaking of dating, there is no doubt that many women prefer to date a man who can give the sense of security to them. For those women, it is an absolutely good choice to date a Christian biker man. Christian biker men are not that kind of person the public image who are dangerous and careless outlaw. Actually, if you a single Christian woman, dating a Christian motorcycle guy will be the best choice for you. And if you are a woman who does not know how to ride and have a passion for motorcycle riding, then hooking up with a single Christian bikers will allow you to have a biker lifestyle. There are lots of single bikers would love to have a lady riding as their passenger on the back of the motorcycle. Here let us take a look at the outstanding traits that biker men have.

1. Mature mind – Believe it or not, Christian men who ride a motorcycle are more mature than those who don’t. They have to be mature enough to control the giant two-wheel machine. If you think Christian biker men are offish and not willing to contact other people, then you are wrong. Maybe after a wonderful motorcycle trip with a biker man, you will change your opinion to them. In fact, they are funny guys who have a sense of humor and they will be kind to those who have the passion for motorcycle riding and biker life.

2. Confident – Most Christian biker guys are confident and they will not hide their emotions from their biker girl. Maybe some women know that dating a guy who is not willing to open his heart to you and talk with you freely is annoying and disappointed. Well, dating a biker woman will allow you to be free from problems like this. You will find out that they are confident about showing their love to biker girls and are totally transparent in relationships. Except for his motorcycle, you will always be his first love.

3. They are single-minded – Motorcycle riders love motorcycle riding more than anything, which may be a unique emotion that cannot be understood by others. They always focus on motorcycles, bikes presentation, motorcycle events, motorcycle clubs, motorcycle riding and other things related to motorcycling. This kind of mindset will influence their attitude towards to dating with a biker girl. Once a biker man finds his dream biker babe, he will love her like he loves motorcycle, he will see her as the only love in his life.

Of course, these three points are just a part of the reasons why dating a single biker man is a great choice for single women. If you are interested in dating a motorcycle rider, just do it.