How to win the first date with your Christian biker

A lot of beautiful stories of motorcycle riders who love both motorcycle riding and Jesus have taken place on Harley dating sites. But according to a tremendous amount of Christian biker singles, there is still a long way to go after getting matches on different biker dating websites to find your compatible Harley man or Harley women eventually. The first obstacle biker man or biker women will meet is the first date. There are only a few things which is more awkward than the very first date with your motorcycle man or motorcycle women because you still know little about each other even you both take an interest in the other party. After hours of rehearsing conversations, you might still fall into a minutes long silence due to the heart beat. In order to optimize the chances for bikers who like biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus to win their first date with their biker babes, which will probably eventually the precious story to tell you grandchildren.

During the first Christian biker dating experience, good questions makes a good part of good conversation. Therefore, asking good questions is the crucial part, which will not only show your curiosity as well as interest to your biker girls or biker guy, but also speak for your personality. Keep in mind that it is not a job interview, nor a regular family gets together. Your job is to create fires and tensions with your special Christian motorcycle rider. Thus questions such as“What do you do for work?”, “How long have you been working as an accountant?” will only make the conversation stale and make your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy want to leave the date more. Instead, use your creativity and ask more questions to show that you are a considerate person. Here are some good examples: “How do you think of this place? I’ve heard they serve the best pizza in the town!” or “You remember that you always make homemade cookies at home on your profile page on motorcycle dating sites, so you are a big fan of cook?

Asking good questions does not only mean that it is unusual and creative, but also make sure the questions you ask to your biker babes lead to larger topics which will set the fire between male Harley rider and female Harley rider. Unlike one word questions, open answer questions will avoid the awkwardness of falling into silence at the same time and also allow you to get to know your partner better.

Last but not least, every motorcycle chicks and motorcycle guy should avoid the mistake that most Christian motorcycle riders make: fall into a intellect debate. To avoid this, the best option is not to talk about sensitive topics. So talking about the french presidential election might not be the best choice for the first date to impress your compatible man biker or women biker.