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The Secret of a Successful online Christian Biker Dating-2

Dear Christian motorcycle riders who are in search of a quality online Harley dating experiences online, after the first part of the “the secret of a successful online Christian biker dating experience” is posted, a tremendous amount of replies have flooded into the mailbox of our free Harley dating sites and every single Harley rider is yelling for more since the first part has done you guys a huge favor in optimizing the online Christian biker dating experience. Here we are, five different online Christian biker dating websites have teamed up in order to compile the rest hidden secrets of online motorcycle dating tips with purpose to give biker girls and biker guys the most authentic online motorcycle dating experience. without further due, let’s continue with the rest.

Keep the connection flow.
Online Christian biker planet dating is different from meeting others in person: there is no opportunities for Christian biker women and biker man to meet in person at first, however, building the connection and keeping it back and forth is always the key to a successful online biker dating experience. The secrets of keeping the connection flow over messages are as follows: first of all, always poses a question which is related to the information mentioned in the profile bio of your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy; secondly, be flirty at the right moment: certain motorcycle women and motorcycle man either become flirty too early or too late, which are both not pushing the connection-building thing towards a right direction. Seize the right moment to make your Christian biker chicks or biker dude cringe a bit!

The right moment to meet.
So, dear Christian motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, when do you think is the right moment to purpose a meet up with your man biker or women biker? According to a survey among 1000 couples that meet over online biker dating websites, the perfect moment is approximately after 220 messages were exchanged. At this point, a right connection is built, which is not too early or too late. However, Christian Harley women and Harley man haven’t gotten to know each other too well yet, which intrigues them to get to know each other better in person. And it is at this exact point where the fire will be stimulated at the most when a motorcycle babe and biker babe meet in person.

The confidence to let it flow.
Even though it is totally natural and common for both Christian male Harley riders and female Harley riders to feel nervous to go on the first date, however, having the confidence to go with the flow will make single Harley riders feel much better no matter what the result is. Letting is flow does not only mean not care too much about whether things work out between you and the man biker or women biker, but also means having the confidence to be yourself in front of a half stranger.

How to Relationship Fresh with Your Christian Biker Singles

During the past thirteen years, the most successful biker dating website has been the first place where the romance started for more 8,4 million Christian motorcycle riders who love both motorcycle riding and Jesus. With an increasing number of registered Christian biker singles who are trying to conduct an active social life, more and more problems start to arise too, among which, how to keep a relationship fresh have always been a wildly talked question.

No matter how great and passionate the relationship it is between the Harley man and Harley women, there is always a chance that the relationship might get stale and boring because of the daily repetitive routine. Don’t get intimidated by the idea that the fire between motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy will get put of after a period of time, because it is human nature which does not only apply to biker dating, but also other parts of life. However, in order to maximize the motorcycle dating experience for Harley motorcycle singles, we provide a set of rules which will help to keep things fresh to the maximum extend.

To rekindle the old flames, as a biker guy or biker women, you need to appreciate the past but not idealize it too much. According to a study recently conducted by Harley dating sites, there is a bigger chance for Harley girls and Harley guy to get bored of their current relationship if they exaggerate the happiness of their memorable past too much. It is unrealistic to replicate the dating pattern of your early age dating with your male Harley rider or female Harley rider. Instead, be more creative and dedicated. Based on those valuable memories you have, come up with some new activities that you are both interested but have never tried together. Always keep in mind that the goal should always be rekindle the fire of the initial stage of relationship, instead of its pattern.

when it comes to planning new dating ideas, pay attention to detailed stuff, such as a good night kiss, or a heart emoji frequently added on the end of a message. Making the date night a regular thing again will also enormously help you reconnect with you biker dude or biker chicks. Also, you should not be the only one who contributes, make your biker partner make an effort will get you a much longer way since a long lasting and meaningful relationship always rely on the efforts of two.
At last, give your man biker or women biker space. I understand how anxious you are to find the passion of early age back, but it won’t work out if you do nothing but keep pushing. Give your motorcycle babes a little bit more personal space will remind him/her how precious your presence is. Also, using the personal time to develop a new hobby is also a good idea for bikers who like biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus.

How to win the first date with your Christian biker

A lot of beautiful stories of motorcycle riders who love both motorcycle riding and Jesus have taken place on Harley dating sites. But according to a tremendous amount of Christian biker singles, there is still a long way to go after getting matches on different biker dating websites to find your compatible Harley man or Harley women eventually. The first obstacle biker man or biker women will meet is the first date. There are only a few things which is more awkward than the very first date with your motorcycle man or motorcycle women because you still know little about each other even you both take an interest in the other party. After hours of rehearsing conversations, you might still fall into a minutes long silence due to the heart beat. In order to optimize the chances for bikers who like biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus to win their first date with their biker babes, which will probably eventually the precious story to tell you grandchildren.

During the first Christian biker dating experience, good questions makes a good part of good conversation. Therefore, asking good questions is the crucial part, which will not only show your curiosity as well as interest to your biker girls or biker guy, but also speak for your personality. Keep in mind that it is not a job interview, nor a regular family gets together. Your job is to create fires and tensions with your special Christian motorcycle rider. Thus questions such as“What do you do for work?”, “How long have you been working as an accountant?” will only make the conversation stale and make your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy want to leave the date more. Instead, use your creativity and ask more questions to show that you are a considerate person. Here are some good examples: “How do you think of this place? I’ve heard they serve the best pizza in the town!” or “You remember that you always make homemade cookies at home on your profile page on motorcycle dating sites, so you are a big fan of cook?

Asking good questions does not only mean that it is unusual and creative, but also make sure the questions you ask to your biker babes lead to larger topics which will set the fire between male Harley rider and female Harley rider. Unlike one word questions, open answer questions will avoid the awkwardness of falling into silence at the same time and also allow you to get to know your partner better.

Last but not least, every motorcycle chicks and motorcycle guy should avoid the mistake that most Christian motorcycle riders make: fall into a intellect debate. To avoid this, the best option is not to talk about sensitive topics. So talking about the french presidential election might not be the best choice for the first date to impress your compatible man biker or women biker.

Christian Biker Dating Tips to Solve Jealousy Issue

For a lot of male Christian Harley riders as well as Christian female Harley riders, maintaining a long lasting and successful relationship is not a hard thing with the right biker dating tips provided by the professional and famous online biker dating sites. However, during the relationship between the Christian biker girls and biker guys, it is pretty common to face a variety of different problems, among which, jealousy is one of the most common one which would be the most likely one to raise serious problems between biker women and biker men.

And today, we are going to talk about the expert online Harley dating rules that will help Christian motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to deal with jealousy issues in the relationship with their loved ones.

Firstly, Christian motorcycle women and motorcycle men need to figure out what jealousy exactly is. If you Google online, you will be able to get a slew amount of related information within a second. After all, it is of great importance for Harley girls and Harley guys to understand that jealousy is a kind of emotion which includes a mixed of feelings: anger, insecurity, sorrow and even more. So the solution to this issue will not be fixed, or even be a little bit more complex. Thus, if Christian biker babes and biker dudes want to deal with jealousy issue without major difficulty, it is highly recommended to learn more about the complicated emotion that you are dealing with your Harley women or Harley man right now. Because it will greatly optimize your chance of solving jealousy issues.

Secondly, get another perspective of your relationship. For a huge amount of Christian biker chicks and biker dudes, it is hard to get an objective point of view of their own relationship with the motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes. Thus, it can be pretty hard for them to understand the true situation and problems that they are going through with the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. In order to get the point of view from another perspective, biker babes must calm down first. Sometimes it helps too to ask opinions from your close friends who have gotten involved in the relationship.

Last but certainly not least, talk to your Christian biker ladies or biker gentlemen to solve the jealousy issue that you are facing together. Keep in mind that communication is basically the only way to solve the problem with your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentlemen. There are a few key points that you need to bear in mind if you want to get back to normal with your Harley motorcycle rider who loves the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Firstly, figure out the cause of jealousy, which requires the mutual understanding of both parties in this relationship. Secondly, find a good place where both of the biker babes will be calm to communicate with each other. The top options are a good café or quiet restaurant where there are a lot of people, which stops you from doing something stupid because of the anger.

The Ultimate Guide For Riding with a Christian Biker Girl

Riding out is one of the greatest pleasures for single bikers to enjoy the freedom on the open road. But going for a ride with your Christian biker girl can make the trip a hundred times better. Have a motorcycle trip date a biker Christian babe can not only enhance the relationship between you two, but also allow you to spend more private time with a great mood. However, it is unnecessary to think it is a daunting task or to be nerve-wracking. Here is the ultimate two-up riding guide for you to prepare in advance.

Make your motorcycle comfortable for pillion
No matter what types of your bike is, it will certainly need a few adjustments before riding out with a pillion. First is to adjust the pre-load on your rear shocks. It is important to increase the pre-load because your shocks will be there to compensate for the extra weight on the back. If you ignore this adjustment, your biker lady may be thrown all the way and your steering will be affected too. Then you should consider that where your passenger holds on to the bike. Although most motorcycles have a handle, it is better to check it ours. Then you should fit one to your motorcycle before the riding. And you should remember that it can change everything with extra weight on motorcycles, such as the braking capabilities, handling abilities and acceleration.

Learn to change your riding style in advance
With the extra weight on the back, riders need to practice before to feel that change. The best way to get used to the change is to meet your Christian biker girl before in a quiet place with lots of space to practice. Bikers need to get to grips with manoeuvring, accelerating and braking. Just practice hard somewhere secluded to avoid getting into trouble on the road and remember the dos and don’ts when riding with a passenger.

When riding for a long time, hand signals are important for you and your Christian biker girl to communicate effectively. For example, a tap on the thigh means “I need you to pull over” or a squeeze on the arm means “Slow down” and so on. And when you are having a break, you can ask if they are comfortable being on the back or if they are happy with the journey with you.

Dress properly
In general, Christian motorcycle riders take their riding gear seriously. When your Christian biker babe agrees to ride with you, just prepare a set of proper clothes for her, like boots, gloves, a protective jacket and hardy trousers. Proper riding gear can protect you and your passenger from getting hurt when falling down.

Safe riding with the mission of God

As a Christian biker, I know the truth that I must love and respect with other motorcycle riders. Although America may be a country filled with Christian motorcycle riders, it is also dangerous for them to ride on the city streets. There are lots of accidents happen to bikers every year. For Christian motorcyclists, riding in the city requires superior awareness, brains, an eye for potential hazards and good riding skills. However, even if you put all these components together, it is possible that accidents will occur as well. So, if you are riding alone or riding with your Christian biker girl, you have to be very careful and ride smartly on the streets to keep safe.

1. Make others see you
For most single Christian bikers, they may think it is cool to wear vintage black leather and denim when they are riding their gorgeous Harleys. But in order to make you visible among the oblivious driving masses, you have to wear bright colors, especially on your helmet and jacket. Besides, it is also important to make your motorcycle visible. Don’t ignore the significance of reflective items on you and your bikes, which may make the difference between life and death.

2. Scan and scan again
When you are riding on the city streets, don’t just look straight ahead. Keep your head on and scan the traffic around you – scan your mirrors, traffic behind you and your blind spots. Keep alert all the time and be aware things on your side.

3. Always look for ways to escape
Whether you are moving or stationary, just spend more time searching for ways out of trouble if trouble comes to you. Cause braking hard is bad for your bike and for your body. Motorcycles are not like cars or trucks, they can thread the needle even if there is no much room to get through. And finding an open patch of grass to stay safe can be a great solution for single motorcycle riders.

4. The dangerous left turn
Don’t be positive that the Harley riders in oncoming traffic with his left turn signal on sees you. They may even not see actual cars, let alone your slim motorcycle. So, if needed, use your horn to put the riders on alert and watch for hand movement on the steering wheel. Be prepared to swerve or brake if something happens.

5. Choose your line wisely
On highways and freeways where traffic is fast moving and there are multiple traffic lanes, it is especially important to choose the right lane. Keep ride to your left. Bikers and drives on the right are likely to make their exit. And when you are on the far left lane, you just need to watch out for the traffic conditions on your right side.

The best Christmas gift ideas for your Christian biker girl

Do you always prepare Christmas gifts for your Christian biker woman? Of course, your motorcycle girl doesn’t need some expensive presents but she absolutely needs you to prepare a romantic Christmas for her sincerely. But how to make her feel your sincerity for Christian biker dating? Here are some good ideas might help you to win your babe’s love in this Christmas.

1. Playing Santa Claus
As is known to all, every motorcycle girl has a common dream that they hope to receive a gift from Santa Claus. So why not ride the motorcycle to play Santa Claus to achieve her dream? Actually, it does not matter whether your gift is her favorite CD or just a bunch of roses. Because what she cares about is that you have tried your best to get to know her and make her feel happy.

2. Buy some warm motorcycle gears
Undoubtedly, the essentials for Christmas motorcycle riding are warm motorcycle gears. When you invite your Harley girl to have a motorcycle dating in Christmas, you should buy new gloves and scarf for her. Perhaps, you will think that these gifts seem like too small to express your love for her. Certainly not. Because biker women like to pay attention to details. Although the scarf is indeed inexpensive, it can warm the heart of your partner.

3. Take her to join the Christmas group motorcycle riding
For most motorcycle enthusiasts, including your Harley lady, they are more willing to join a group motorcycle riding in the Christmas. They always ride their Harley Davidson together to distribute gifts to other people along the way. Because they love sharing happiness and excitement with more biker friends. So you can also go with her to do something to make your Christmas more meaningful. It is believed that she will feel very happy to accept this invitation.

4. Making a proposal
In fact, there is a perfect Christmas gift idea. If you deeply love your motorcycle babe and wish to accompany with her all the time in the future, it is the best chance for you to ask her to marry you in this festival. So you should buy a proposal ring as the Christmas present. At least, this is a good way to let your biker chick understand your heart and mind even if your proposal will probably be failed.

Of course, there are many other wonderful ideas of planning an unforgettable Christmas biker dating. If you have new and fresh thoughts, you can share your mind on the forum of biker dating sites. At the same time, if you are willing to learn more tips for Christmas Harley dating, the dating websites for Harley singles can also help you a lot.

Some Useful Strategies for Christian Biker Singles

If you are a single Christian biker, then you must know that how complex and confusing dating is, especially for you who have to safeguard your spiritual beliefs and moral values. Since more and more single bikers who have faith in God choose to date on online biker dating site for Christian, it is necessary for them to take the right ways to find their love in their lives. Here are four tips that can help Christian singles when they are dating online.

1. Try your best to keep your inner world clean and pure. There is a Christian principle says that how a person acts is determined by what is in a person’s heart, which means all the decisions that you make can reflect your heart. So, no matter how complex and fickle the dating world is, single Christian biker need to guard your beliefs rooted in your heart and shouldn’t allow others to shake your faith. Solomon wrote in the book of Proverbs,”Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

2. Make it clear about what you want and how far you can go. What you want is the most important thing when single Christians who share the passion for motorcycling. Try to think through any potentially perilous situation that you may not want to encounter. It is just like the case that you would get clear directions to your destination before you travel to a large city. The safest way to avoid danger and unhappiness is to plan ahead.

3. Don’t be afraid to be the real you. It is an awkward situation for single Christian biker when they are hesitated to be the real person in their hearts who holds a firm conviction for God. They are afraid to be labeled “old-fashioned”or “narrow-minded.” When you are dating, it is simple to avoid many awkward situations by telling your date about your standards and being the real you. However, if he or she can’t accept your beliefs and lifestyle, you can simply end the relationship and continue to search for other ones who share the same faith and passion with you.

4. Seek dating advice from a Christian biker you respect or one who have had a perfect romantic relationship. This kind of Christians can give you many useful and practical tips and advice on online dating and guide you to find a single biker who can understand your beliefs. Or you can also get some advice on the forums of Christian biker dating sites.

3 Tips to Make Online Dating for Christian Bikers Work

When it comes to online dating, singles tend to be afraid of it, especially for single Christian bikers. They misunderstand that online dating is dating someone who lives far away from them and lives a double life. Due to the distance, the fears of cheating, dishonesty and vulnerability are getting out to stop them.

And for single Christians who love riding motorcycles, most of them believe that trying to find love online is somehow not “waiting on God”. But like pursuing a job opportunity on the internet, finding single Christian motorcycle riders online is just a way to get more opportunities. No one can deny that our lives are changed dramatically by the internet and social media. So, it is fine for Christians to keep up with the pace. If you are about to enter the world of dating, check out the 3 tips below:

1. Be honest: When you have the idea to date a single Christian biker online, you may know that you can be anyone you want to be. No one will actually find the real you before meeting face to face. You can custom design a differently perfect you from physical attributes to your description of yourself. Of course, you can easily get a date by this way. But unfortunately, the single Christian that you date is just interested in the one you created, not the real you. So, try to be honest and sincere when you are finding your true love on Christian biker dating sites.

2. Be wise: Try to be wise enough to see others clearly when dating online. You may be honest in yourself, but there are lots of members want to take advantage of forging themselves. Things they describe are not as they seem to be. Don’t easily to believe the claim of others that they are followers of Christ, a gentleman or they are handsome and friendly. Don’t take it seriously until you get a better understanding of the one or until you come face to face with the reality of who they actually are.

3. Let it blossom in real life: Dating online is a great way to start a relationship with another Christian biker, but it is not healthy to maintain a relationship online. However, it is not suggesting that you should meet your date as soon as possible. You’ve met a Christian who loves motorcycling as you do and gotten to know him or her very well. If you think it is time to bring it into real life, then you can discuss it with your date. If he or she makes excuses for meeting face to face, then it is better to let it go. If both of you agree to date in real life, then you may be lucky to step to the next stage of your life.

Christian Motorcycle Rider Like an Angel

Maybe a lot of people always have a misunderstanding of motorcycle gangs due to that something negative has happened in the past which lead to a bad influence on Christian motorcycle clubs. Actually, we should look at it in an equal way, because most of the clubs are positive and energetic, despite some of the motorcycle gangs are not the same as them. If you are willing to understand them with your sincere heart, you will be moved by their behaviors which are full of love.

In fact, Christian motorcycle riders have many common characters and religious beliefs. You can easily find out that they are devout believers who always love the nature as well as the peace. So they don’t want to conflict with other bikers except some special conditions. Actually, many Christian bikers are willing to help others who are in trouble, such as fallen motorcyclists, stranded voyager and homeless people. If you read some related news in the magazine about them, you will get a good deep understanding about them. For example, there are some Christian clubs raising money to bring food and water to vagrants who inhabit in American’s some squares on every Saturday night. Christian motorcyclists usually try their best to make a contribution to the society all the time, which makes them like the angels who will always guard those hopeless motorcycle riders.

Besides, Christian bikers are not only keen on generosity and compassion, but also have a big sense of responsibility about their biker life and family. When a single biker man who has Christian religious beliefs mingle with their motorcycle babe, he will cherish and protect her no matter what happens. If you are dating a Christian motorcycle man, you may find that he will prepare everything you need and take good care of you, which will give you a sense of safety to be with him. What’s more, they will not tell lies in any case, so you don’t need to worry about that he will leave far away from you. By the way, if you want, you can search a Christian motorcycle man on the biker dating sites and let him be your boyfriend.

Moreover, Christian Motorcycle riders attach a great importance to team spirit, you may always see a large group of Christian biker riding oh the street. They don’t like to ride their motorcycle alone which is the reason why so many of them want to join Christian Motorcycle clubs. In fact, making friends with them is not a bad choice. They will take you to understand a new world. Do you want to find an angel to stand by your side? Just go to the Christian motorcycle clubs or dating sites for Christian biker singles to find your special Christian biker lover.