Things Every Single Harley Rider Needs to Know About Online Biker Dating

Every single Harley rider tells you what a great option online Harley dating sites can be, The definition of what’s good for a Harley motorcycle rider can be different from one to another. After having studied the attraction lar between male Harley rider and female Harley rider, Dr. Smith Lawn has compiled a list of online biker dating facts that every Harley motorcycle rider needs to know about.

There are not 100% real male Harley riders and female Harley riders.
I was actually pretty shocked the first time when I ran into a Harley babe on free biker dating site. And it mostly happens to those too-good-to-be-true profiles of biker girls and biker guy on free biker dating websites. But single Harley riders don’t have to worry since most of the online biker dating websites today with a secured registration system will have to verify the identity of the biker women or biker man. If the biker women or biker man. And the chances of running into a scam on free motorcycle dating websites is three times higher than the regular ones.

In a word, don’t take it personally if a motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls who seems to be too perfect to be true text you but doesn’t want a relationship.
Not everything is under your control

On the one hand, it’s a numbers game among a huge number of motorcycle women and motorcycle man. The more single Harley rider you reach out to, the better the odds that you’ll be able to meet your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend in the future. And the more you interact online, the more likely you’ll be to meet a Harley motorcycle rider who’s truly compatible with you. But at the same time, I get that a lot of motorcycle women and motorcycle man get discouraged because not every biker chick or biker dude they texted will reply. Whether the single Harley rider responds or not has a lot to do with their personal lives and the kind of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle that they live. Maybe the Harley motorcycle riders are busy chasing sunrise in a remote valley on their Harley Davidson bikes, or the motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes you texted had a crazily busy week so that they can’t text back. Thus, don’t gauge your self-worth on your experience on online motorcycle dating.

Some Harley motorcycle rider are only willing to text.
The convenience of online biker dating website lends itself to the single Harley riders who don’t have the time or energy to find a compatible motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude in real life. And if that’s the case, you’re probably have to deal with the Harley girls and Harley dudes who are not keen on meeting in person. According to the survey conducted by, about 45% of Harley motorcycle riders online are reluctant towards meeting the man biker or women biker they met online.

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How to tell if your Harley motorcycle rider likes you

Recently, an increasing number of male Harley riders and female Harley riders have written to the online Harley dating websites, telling us that it’s not easy to tell if the Harley motorcycle rider that they like has the same feeling for them. And if you are one of the single Harley rider who got confused by the biker girls and biker guys, don’t worry, because it’s totally natural. Every biker women and biker man have been through the agonizing period between take things off line from online motorcycle dating website to figure out whether your biker chick or biker dude likes you back or not.

For the lucky motorcycle guys and motorcycle girls, this period lasts from a few days to a few weeks. However, for the rest seeking love on free biker kiss dating websites, it takes even longer. So how do you tell if the Harley motorcycle rider likes you?

In this article, we discuss everything that motorcycle women and motorcycle man need to know: the signs that will be revealed when a Harley guy or Harley girls get attracted.

To tell if your biker chicks or biker dudes are only being friendly or flirty with you, let’s go through these behaviors one by one to figure out the attitude of your Harley girls or Harley guys.

Eye Contact
Different from how your friends who enjoy Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle would look at you: the Harley chicks and Harley dudes look in your eyes with respect and courtesy to stay attentive while you are together.

For the Harley motorcycle riders who gets flirtatious, they look longer and with greater intensity as if the single Harley riders want to get to know you more just their gaze. Moreover, you will probably occasionally find that the man biker and women bikers look at you even when you are not talking with each other.

The Questions
Your friends with who you ride Harley Davidson bike with don’t really care about any specific thing. And the conversation you have with your biker friends are more casual and alternative. On the other hand. The agenda of a Harley motorcycle rider who’s interested in you can totally different from your Harley friends’. The Harley chicks and Harley guys will tend to ask more specific questions to get to know you on a personal level.

Teasing is playful, joyful and fun, which makes it a key to maintain the friendship as well as relationship between a biker babe and a motorcycle babe. If your biker dude or biker chick is interested in you, they will make it a habit to tease you. And you will always be the target whenever the Harley motorcycle rider starts a joke. Don’t take it in a bad way, because Harley chicks and Harley dudes love to show appreciation by teasing.

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Things Chrisitian Harley Riders do to Make Their Crush Miss Them

So you want to know how to make your biker girls or biker guys miss you? Use this simple online Harley dating sites guide with the biker women and biker men, and as a result, you will have the chance to make the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys miss you more. As one of the male Harley riders and female who are looking for the compatible biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend, who doesn’t want to feel missed by the like-minded single Harley riders who share the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle? Whether you’re crushing on a new motorcycle girls or motorcycle guys, or you have already entered a relationship together and want to tighten the connection between the motorcycle women and motorcycle man, or even considering getting back together with an ex motorcycle gentlemen or motorcycle ladies, it’s always strongly recommended to to have your motorcycle crush miss you.

However, note that there’s a fine line between showing your best charming side to your biker chicks and biker dudes and getting lost in mind-games which will eventually mess up your chance of taking the relationship to the next level with your Harley motorcycle rider. According to the veteran biker and founder of the largest online biker planet dating website, one of the most effective way to help distinguish which side of line that Harley chicks and Harley dudes are on is whether or not you feel like comfortable and following your true self. If you think you are not being you when in the relationship with the Harley women or Harley man, then it’s time to make a difference while following the expert online motorcycle dating advices.

Don’t be available to your motorcycle crush all the time. If you spend all your time chasing after your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes by sending him or her messages non stop and waiting for the replies of your Harley women and Harley men eagerly, chances are they will take you for granted and in the end lose the interests in you. however, if you are mostly apart from the Harley chicks or Haley dudes, you leave more space to not only you but also your single Harley rider to make them miss you more. Of course, I understand that you love talking to your Harley chicks and Harley dudes, but you have to leave some energy for your own self-growth and some for your man biker or women biker too.

There is a fine line between not being all-time available to your Harley chicks and Harley dudes and playing “Hard to get” in this relationship. Harley women and Harley men need to always keep in mind that the latter doesn’t fit the modern motorcycle dating rules anymore and now it’s all about seize the chance and take initiatives in order to make your Harley girlfriend or Harley boyfriend miss you more.

If you want to know more about the online biker dating tips to make your biker partner miss you more, stay tuned in the following week!

Take Things Offline with Your Christian Biker Partner

Taking things offline with your Christian biker girls or biker guys from the online Harley dating websites has always been a big deal for a huge number of Christian biker women and biker man, because it is one of the most important moment when it comes to online biker dating since it can either lead the relationship towards a healthy and long-term direction or take it straight down south. In order to optimize the experience of online biker dating, 3 largest free motorcycle dating websites have compiled the most useful and convincing online Christian biker dating tips for the reference of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys.

Keep the conversation short but efficient.
The truth might be surprising because unlike what most Harley motorcycle riders might think, it is not the more you talk with your motorcycle women or motorcycle man, the better chances you get when it comes to asking the Christian biker chick or biker dude on an actual date. According to Susan Wong, one of the most experienced counselor for online Christian biker dating relationship, the perfect timing to ask your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend out is after talking for one to two weeks, where you already know a little bit about your Harley girls or Harley guys but there is still left a lot more you want to explore in real person.

Build the connection while chatting.
Don’t take the chatting feature on online biker dating sites as a way to make small chats with other single Harley riders enjoy the Harley motorcycle dating lifestyle. Instead, use it with a goal, which is to build a connection with your potential motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentlemen. According to a recently conducted survey among more than 6,000 Harley girls and Harley guys, the love seekers on online motorcycle dating websites who have already established a connection with their Christian biker chick or biker dude online has 67% more chance than the ones who don’t to take things offline successfully.

Be yourself with confidence.
Now it is time to invite your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude out on a date. No matter it is over a cup of coffee or riding on a Harley Davidson bike, all you need to do is to be yourself and show your confidence. Don’t even let the idea of pretending to be someone you are not in order to please the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude you fancy cross the mind. Because it doesn’t worth it to please the Harley motorcycle rider who doesn’t appreciate you for yourself.

Make efforts and let it be.
Relationship is all about making efforts in order to maintain a healthy, stable and win-win situation for both man bikers as well as women bikers to grow as an individual and a group. However, it is also of equal importance to make sure that the motorcycle babes are comfortable doing what they are doing now. Thus, make efforts and go with the flow.

The Secret of a Successful online Christian Biker Dating-2

Dear Christian motorcycle riders who are in search of a quality online Harley dating experiences online, after the first part of the “the secret of a successful online Christian biker dating experience” is posted, a tremendous amount of replies have flooded into the mailbox of our free Harley dating sites and every single Harley rider is yelling for more since the first part has done you guys a huge favor in optimizing the online Christian biker dating experience. Here we are, five different online Christian biker dating websites have teamed up in order to compile the rest hidden secrets of online motorcycle dating tips with purpose to give biker girls and biker guys the most authentic online motorcycle dating experience. without further due, let’s continue with the rest.

Keep the connection flow.
Online Christian biker planet dating is different from meeting others in person: there is no opportunities for Christian biker women and biker man to meet in person at first, however, building the connection and keeping it back and forth is always the key to a successful online biker dating experience. The secrets of keeping the connection flow over messages are as follows: first of all, always poses a question which is related to the information mentioned in the profile bio of your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy; secondly, be flirty at the right moment: certain motorcycle women and motorcycle man either become flirty too early or too late, which are both not pushing the connection-building thing towards a right direction. Seize the right moment to make your Christian biker chicks or biker dude cringe a bit!

The right moment to meet.
So, dear Christian motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, when do you think is the right moment to purpose a meet up with your man biker or women biker? According to a survey among 1000 couples that meet over online biker dating websites, the perfect moment is approximately after 220 messages were exchanged. At this point, a right connection is built, which is not too early or too late. However, Christian Harley women and Harley man haven’t gotten to know each other too well yet, which intrigues them to get to know each other better in person. And it is at this exact point where the fire will be stimulated at the most when a motorcycle babe and biker babe meet in person.

The confidence to let it flow.
Even though it is totally natural and common for both Christian male Harley riders and female Harley riders to feel nervous to go on the first date, however, having the confidence to go with the flow will make single Harley riders feel much better no matter what the result is. Letting is flow does not only mean not care too much about whether things work out between you and the man biker or women biker, but also means having the confidence to be yourself in front of a half stranger.

How to Relationship Fresh with Your Christian Biker Singles

During the past thirteen years, the most successful biker dating website has been the first place where the romance started for more 8,4 million Christian motorcycle riders who love both motorcycle riding and Jesus. With an increasing number of registered Christian biker singles who are trying to conduct an active social life, more and more problems start to arise too, among which, how to keep a relationship fresh have always been a wildly talked question.

No matter how great and passionate the relationship it is between the Harley man and Harley women, there is always a chance that the relationship might get stale and boring because of the daily repetitive routine. Don’t get intimidated by the idea that the fire between motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy will get put of after a period of time, because it is human nature which does not only apply to biker dating, but also other parts of life. However, in order to maximize the motorcycle dating experience for Harley motorcycle singles, we provide a set of rules which will help to keep things fresh to the maximum extend.

To rekindle the old flames, as a biker guy or biker women, you need to appreciate the past but not idealize it too much. According to a study recently conducted by Harley dating sites, there is a bigger chance for Harley girls and Harley guy to get bored of their current relationship if they exaggerate the happiness of their memorable past too much. It is unrealistic to replicate the dating pattern of your early age dating with your male Harley rider or female Harley rider. Instead, be more creative and dedicated. Based on those valuable memories you have, come up with some new activities that you are both interested but have never tried together. Always keep in mind that the goal should always be rekindle the fire of the initial stage of relationship, instead of its pattern.

when it comes to planning new dating ideas, pay attention to detailed stuff, such as a good night kiss, or a heart emoji frequently added on the end of a message. Making the date night a regular thing again will also enormously help you reconnect with you biker dude or biker chicks. Also, you should not be the only one who contributes, make your biker partner make an effort will get you a much longer way since a long lasting and meaningful relationship always rely on the efforts of two.
At last, give your man biker or women biker space. I understand how anxious you are to find the passion of early age back, but it won’t work out if you do nothing but keep pushing. Give your motorcycle babes a little bit more personal space will remind him/her how precious your presence is. Also, using the personal time to develop a new hobby is also a good idea for bikers who like biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus.

How to win the first date with your Christian biker

A lot of beautiful stories of motorcycle riders who love both motorcycle riding and Jesus have taken place on Harley dating sites. But according to a tremendous amount of Christian biker singles, there is still a long way to go after getting matches on different biker dating websites to find your compatible Harley man or Harley women eventually. The first obstacle biker man or biker women will meet is the first date. There are only a few things which is more awkward than the very first date with your motorcycle man or motorcycle women because you still know little about each other even you both take an interest in the other party. After hours of rehearsing conversations, you might still fall into a minutes long silence due to the heart beat. In order to optimize the chances for bikers who like biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus to win their first date with their biker babes, which will probably eventually the precious story to tell you grandchildren.

During the first Christian biker dating experience, good questions makes a good part of good conversation. Therefore, asking good questions is the crucial part, which will not only show your curiosity as well as interest to your biker girls or biker guy, but also speak for your personality. Keep in mind that it is not a job interview, nor a regular family gets together. Your job is to create fires and tensions with your special Christian motorcycle rider. Thus questions such as“What do you do for work?”, “How long have you been working as an accountant?” will only make the conversation stale and make your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy want to leave the date more. Instead, use your creativity and ask more questions to show that you are a considerate person. Here are some good examples: “How do you think of this place? I’ve heard they serve the best pizza in the town!” or “You remember that you always make homemade cookies at home on your profile page on motorcycle dating sites, so you are a big fan of cook?

Asking good questions does not only mean that it is unusual and creative, but also make sure the questions you ask to your biker babes lead to larger topics which will set the fire between male Harley rider and female Harley rider. Unlike one word questions, open answer questions will avoid the awkwardness of falling into silence at the same time and also allow you to get to know your partner better.

Last but not least, every motorcycle chicks and motorcycle guy should avoid the mistake that most Christian motorcycle riders make: fall into a intellect debate. To avoid this, the best option is not to talk about sensitive topics. So talking about the french presidential election might not be the best choice for the first date to impress your compatible man biker or women biker.

What to Do When Your Partner is in Depression

Every biker single on biker dating site wants to find the right Harley man or Harley woman in order to lead a prosperous life together. But during the journey of seeking for the special motorcycle riders who love both motorcycle riding and Jesus, there is not just chocolate and roses, but also difficulties and obstacles that stops every beloved motorcycle man and motorcycle women from getting together. One of them is dealing with a biker man or biker women who’s in depression. The most trustworthy Harley dating site is going to address a common problem that bikers who like biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus encounter, but seldom any professional biker dating articles have every talked about-How to support your partner who’s in depression?

First of all, it is of vital importance to understand what depression is. All single Harley riders who believe in Jesus can get sad, or in another word, sadness makes a part of our life. However, when the feeling intensifies, it contributes to the feeling of helpless, hopeless or even worthless, which last from a few days to a few months or even years. And this is when depression starts.

Even though there’s a definition to depression, but the symptom varies from person to person. One common ground for Harley guy and Harley girls who are in depression is that they feel burdened to keep living on their lives in a world which makes them feel lonely and nervous.

Although it is hard to dal with a biker chick or biker dude with depression, especially when some motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys have never experienced what it is like to be in depression, there are still something you can do to make things easier for him/her.

In order to support your male Harley rider or female Harley rider who’s in depression, you have to know the disease as much as you can. There are a slew of resources and materials about depression on the internet. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of learning what depression is yourself. The more you know, the less you will lose control of the situation.

Be straightforward with what is happening will help your depressed biker babe to better understand the situation too. If your biker boyfriend of biker girlfriend is acting up or having a terrible day because of depression, don’t pretend that everything is going well. Covering up your own feelings will only make your biker guy or biker girl think that you’re ashamed of what’s happening and then it will develops into a vicious circle.

Communication, as always, is the key to solve any possible problem in a biker relationship. you need to convey how you feel, and that you care about your motorcycle dude or motorcycle chicks by being vocal, by making actions. Talking things out always makes it much more easier than simply assuming that your Harley girls or Harley guy knows.

The Art of Communication on Christian Biker Dating Sites

Instant message is of vital importance when it comes to online christian biker dating sites because it is the only way to get to know the christian biker girls or biker guy on the initial stage of falling in love. However, according to the statistics on 5 most famous free Harley dating websites, only 7,8% of the male Harley riders and female Harley riders have mastered the skills and tips of online communication. With the purpose of increasing the dating quality for a lot of christian biker women and biker man seeking their potential other half on biker dating websites, have invited a group of experts specialized in efficient communication online between motorcycle women and motorcycle man. And they have compiled 3 biker dating tips that can help you immensely in improving your online conversational skills.

Impress him or her with the first message
Don’t let your first message sent to your christian motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy be buried under a huge amount of other similar greeting messages such as “Hi” or “Hey”. Instead, catch the attention of your Harley girls or Harley guy with a question. Bear in mind that you can’t just ask any random question but the ones related to your man biker or women biker. Thus, you need to be quite observant when reading the bio and profile pictures your biker chicks or biker dude uploaded online. Catch the most important information and make the most out of it.

Push the conversation to the right direction.
Before defining what right direction is for you, you need to clarify your purpose on the online christian motorcycle dating website. Some Harley motorcycle riders are looking for friendships, while others are seeking the one that they can share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with. Then, it is time to make the conversation move towards your goal by asking logical and specific questions to build the tension and fire between the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. If you want to know how to ask great questions to your Harley girls or Harley guy, check where questions related to biker dating by biker dating experts on a regular basis.

Go with the flow.
Last but not least, let loose of yourself now and then. The first two christian motorcycle dating tips are focused on how to control the conversation between your biker babes and motorcycle babes. however, the last one, as known as one of the most important biker sating rule when it comes to online matching platform, is to know when and how to go with the flow. Bear in mind that whether you can or cannot control the conversation between the biker ladies or biker gentlemen all the time, it is of great significance to let go and see how the conversation would go without your control. In this way, it will be much easier to see whether your motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentlemen are compatible with each other and would enjoy each other’s company.

Christian Biker Dating Tips to Solve Jealousy Issue

For a lot of male Christian Harley riders as well as Christian female Harley riders, maintaining a long lasting and successful relationship is not a hard thing with the right biker dating tips provided by the professional and famous online biker dating sites. However, during the relationship between the Christian biker girls and biker guys, it is pretty common to face a variety of different problems, among which, jealousy is one of the most common one which would be the most likely one to raise serious problems between biker women and biker men.

And today, we are going to talk about the expert online Harley dating rules that will help Christian motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to deal with jealousy issues in the relationship with their loved ones.

Firstly, Christian motorcycle women and motorcycle men need to figure out what jealousy exactly is. If you Google online, you will be able to get a slew amount of related information within a second. After all, it is of great importance for Harley girls and Harley guys to understand that jealousy is a kind of emotion which includes a mixed of feelings: anger, insecurity, sorrow and even more. So the solution to this issue will not be fixed, or even be a little bit more complex. Thus, if Christian biker babes and biker dudes want to deal with jealousy issue without major difficulty, it is highly recommended to learn more about the complicated emotion that you are dealing with your Harley women or Harley man right now. Because it will greatly optimize your chance of solving jealousy issues.

Secondly, get another perspective of your relationship. For a huge amount of Christian biker chicks and biker dudes, it is hard to get an objective point of view of their own relationship with the motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes. Thus, it can be pretty hard for them to understand the true situation and problems that they are going through with the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. In order to get the point of view from another perspective, biker babes must calm down first. Sometimes it helps too to ask opinions from your close friends who have gotten involved in the relationship.

Last but certainly not least, talk to your Christian biker ladies or biker gentlemen to solve the jealousy issue that you are facing together. Keep in mind that communication is basically the only way to solve the problem with your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentlemen. There are a few key points that you need to bear in mind if you want to get back to normal with your Harley motorcycle rider who loves the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Firstly, figure out the cause of jealousy, which requires the mutual understanding of both parties in this relationship. Secondly, find a good place where both of the biker babes will be calm to communicate with each other. The top options are a good café or quiet restaurant where there are a lot of people, which stops you from doing something stupid because of the anger.